About Downeast Yacht Shots

Downeast Yacht Shots was founded by Ted Fisher, a lifelong sailor who began racing small sailboats on Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  An avid outdoor enthusiast, past sailing instructor and race coach, he has sailed thousand of miles exploring Europe, the Caribbean, and eastern seaboard from the Bahamas to Nova Scotia.

With a passion for photography, sailing, and cruising, Ted and Downeast Yacht Shots hopes to visually communicate the power, grace and beauty of the ocean, the magnificent Maine coast, and highlight your sailing, yachting and yacht racing adventures.

As a current boat owner and offshore sailor, Ted has spent the past 25 years exploring the
Maine coast and became intrigued in offering and specializing in two areas of photography. One is to bring to life the dramatic scenery, unique qualities and variations of the ocean and the coast.

Second, was to offer yachtsmen, young sailors and sailing visitors, quality images of their boats and experiences along the Maine coast. With a deep understanding of sailing and yacht racing, Downeast Yacht Shots is able to capture the thrilling action and perspective of your boat and yachting event.

Through our online galleries you can purchase high quality prints, download images of your yacht or race event photos. You can also browse through our image library, photography stock, stock sailing images, and products that capture the beauty and elegance of sailing, the ocean, nature, coastal living and the marine environment.